Secret Sales Pack

3 days
40% theory
60% practice

Discover the Secret Sales Pack

Increase the footfall in your dealership by attracting customers with the promise of an exclusive event.
The Secret Sales Pack is above all an immersive experience for your teams that you invite your customers to share.

We put the spotlight on your brand by organising a turnkey event on-site and ensure that you convert visitors into leads by providing your sales team with customised coaching at each stage of the campaign.

The plus for dealership managers: You motivate your teams by pooling their efforts around a common cause: selling!

For the dealers: A chance to discover techniques that effectively trigger sales and boost your results.

Schedule of events
Day 1

Phone call storyline: devising a convincing sales pitch

Two training modules:
• Group A from 10 to 12:30
• Group B from 14 to 16:30

We remove the fear of the phone as a work tool by getting rid of the mental aversion of your sales staff and by helping them to master the methods & techniques of telephone prospecting.

Participants work up a phone script that acts as a guideline for making persuasive introductory phone calls that convincingly put forward your key arguments with a view to securing quality appointments at your dealership / center.

We concentrate on attitude, enthusiasm, posture, speech, tone and melody and the indispensable communication techniques people need to have. When it comes to telephone prospecting, attitude is every bit as important as substance!

We discuss objections and how to deal with prospects’ reactions the smart way, explaining how to deliver a pertinent response that will persuade them visit your dealership / center.


Day 1 & Day 2

Supervised phone sessions: secure appointments at your dealership

Now is the time to tackle these challenges head on! Setting out from your dealership’s database of qualified prospects and the phone conversation guide, your sales people start their phone prospecting campaign to land the highest possible number of customer appointments for the big sales day ahead.

Two supervised call sessions:
• D1 Groups A & B from 17 to 19:00
• D2 Groups A & B from 17 to 19:00

Each call session will result in quality appointments only.

Day 2

Pre-Match Talk: preparing the sales day and the appointments customers

Briefing managers: outline of the sales day, defining the roles (person in charge of test drives, person in charge of return of post-test drive cars returned).

Briefing sales people: presentation of the customer journey, a reminder of the basics (sales push), applying positive pressure.

Individual coaching.

Prepare showroom with customised desk and showroom point of sale material for the actual sale on day 3.

Day 3

Sales day at the car dealership

Manage and facilitate the sales day with the help of our hostess.

A framework to :
Generate more qualified appointments
Generate traffic to your dealership
Identify hot leads
Qualify and clean your customer database
Upskill your sales people in the area of telephone prospecting
For all your events
  • Private sales at your dealership
  • Open Days / Special Events
  • Flash sales / Special Sales / VIP Automobile Events
  • Black Friday for Cars
  • Launching new models

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