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for retail, commercial,
and agricultural dealers

Tailored to your customers

Ixsellia works with all motor vehicle professionals (new, commercial, used, heavy goods and agricultural), throughout France and Europe. Ixsellia designs and rolls out practical training programmes and specifically designed to drive your sales and boost your teams.

Our tools are completely customised. Whether your customers are businesses, professionals, farmers or individuals, we can, and will, adapt to your sales situation and your target customers.

Tailored to your individual
business needs

  • Want to generate more qualified appointments?
  • Increase foot traffic to the dealership or into aftersales?
  • Clear stocks or boost sales of a particular model?
  • Improve the quality of your customer service?

Whatever your objective, we will have the right solution for your needs.

Different formats are available to liven up your point of sale promotions, kick-start your teams and drive sales performance at all levels: prospecting (telephone appointments coaching), motor sales and events (loyality sales, private sales, Black Friday, test-drives, launch).

Tailored to
your sales team

Whether you are a sales manager, a seller of new, used or commercial vehicles, a service advisor, workshop manager or a rep, we offer support tailored to your sales targets and to each customer environment.

Our trainers adapt to the product you sell, your targets and your operational needs. Whether that’s telephone prospecting, customer relations, sales promotional events in the dealership or customer satisfaction management, we at Ixsellia are here to help

Techniques, aids, workshops
for sales managers, their team
and the aftersales department

Training the sales teams

Our training courses for sales and service teams are built around an innovative workshop format. These workshops are designed to ensure participation and help gain involvement from the delegates.

Putting skills into practice

Our workshops allow an immediate application of the skills both through practice and live environment calling. Providing immediate results.

Improving the sales performance

Throughout these workshops, we deliver a set of sales tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately, delivering results and then leave a lasting training legacy.

Our services are directed towards the automotive market :
dealers, groups and manufacturers

evenementiel automobile

We are pragmatic and proactive

Ixsellia is above all a trusted partner our success is your success. We help you achieve your sales targets by pushing the right buttons with the team, improve your existing process while creating something unexpected for the customer.

booster les ventes en concession

We care about you

Our sales training is far from standardised, as we prefer to watch you, listen to you and adapt to you. We don’t believe in offering a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but we sit down with you and create a plan together, we test it and then we evolve it to help manage your expectations.

augmenter le trafic en concession

We are results driven

This is true at two levels. Firstly, in terms of quantity; we help you sell more cars, generate more qualified appointments, convert more leads into visitors. But also in terms of quality; we help you understand the customer and we improve the efficiency of your lead generation.


5 offers that deliver results
100% designed for dealers


The appointment package

Generate more qualified appointments

No more chasing after cold leads. With the appointment package, Ixsellia improves the efficiency of your telephone lead generation by providing you with the right contact and helping you to make your sales pitch convincing. We work together to help you generate as many customer appointments as possible.

Appointment pack

The secret sales package

Boost sales immediately

By organising a secret sales, we increase foot traffic into the dealership and help convert your visitors into customers. We liaise with you to define the promotion. But the tool is nothing without the salesmen, which is why we guide them every step of the way: hot lead targeting, outbound telephone lead generation, visual merchandising of the dealership and customer appointments.

Secret Sales Pack

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